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People have always wanted to get to places where they experienced something very special. Mountain faces or labyrinths deep underground. Since then, people are also dealing with their security whilst discovering these treasures of nature, or whilst pushing their limits during sport climb. Development of security items went through centuries from ladders and hemp ropes to modern technologies of today. One of the producers that have been following modern trends in the development of outdoor ropes is company Žilmont.

For long years Žilmont has been reliable supplier of ropes for free time and work as well. Changes within the management of outdoor rope production opened the possibility to gather team of top specialists under new logo GILMONTE. New team, new logo, new technologies with one aim, and that is user's comfort and safety, and also long life of Gilmonte ropes. Continuous quality of our ropes is ensured by the application of European norm EN ISO9001/2000.

Gilmonte understands the commitment to words user safety very seriously. That is why we have chosen one of the strictest certifying laboratories in the world accredited by UIAA. It is SZU Jablonec in Czech Republic. Their most modern equipment reveals the true state of our prototypes given to certification. Our parameters given on product label are honest deal in between us and our customers. Step by step, you are getting closer to the foot of the mountain, mountain that will lead you to your dreams. You will experience the wonderful moments of friendship on the rock face or in deep caves. One of the friends will be GILMONTE rope. Silent companion, friendly in your hands, almost unnoticed while being clipped into another carabiner. You will not be aware of it when hanging above verticals underground. You will focus on your mission. Undisturbed.

We are looking forward meeting you in the mountains, caves or at your everyday work.

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base 10.2 (New!)

New dynamic ropebase 10.2

jump 10.5 (New!)

New dynamic ropejump 10.5

Gill 8,3 (New!)

The Gilmonte-Team brings to your attention an innovation – the Gill 8,3 – rope offering you new possibilities for safe climbing the highest peaks.

Profistatic (New!)

We are pleased to bring to your attention a new series of top quality static ropes - Profistatic 9B, Profistatic 10,5A, Profistatic 11A being introduced into market under the brand Gilmonte.